Charted by Congress in 1958, The Military Order of the Purple Heart is composed of Military men and women who received the Purple Heart Medal for wounds suffered in combat. Although our membership is restricted to the combat wounded, we support all veterans and their families with a myriad of nation-wide programs by Chapters and National Service Officer.







General James F. Amos
35th Commandant of the Marine Corps.
"The Purple Heart"

In Remembrance  of 

William E. Everett

Veteran and Purple Heart Patriot Extraordinaire

Region IV Commander 2010-2014



Region IV Commander

Lenny Lazzara


Georgia Dept. Convention

26 -28 April

Mississippi Dept. Convention

26-27 April

South Carolina Dept. Convention

26-28 April

Tennessee Dept. Convention

4-6 May

Caribbean Dept. Convention


Patriot William E. Everett served his country in a distinguished 21-year Army career. While serving in Vietnam with the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment in 1967, Patriot Everett was wounded when a convoy he was leading was caught in an ambush by the Viet Cong. Despite his own wounds, Patriot Everett provided covering fire that allowed the evacuation of his wounded comrades to safety. For his bravery and wounds in that battle. he was awarded both the Bronze Star for Valor and the Purple Heart. . In all, Patriot Everett served four tours in Vietnam, earning two more Purple Hearts, the Silver Star, two more Bronze Star medals for valor, the Soldier’s Medal, and numerous other awards and decorations.

Following his military service, Patriot Everett joined the Donald Trump Corporation, where he worked for 19 years as a Facilities Manager. He joined the Military Order of the Purple Heart in 1984, and upon his second retirement, moved to Baker, Florida where he selflessly dedicated his life to his many friends and brothers in the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Over the years, he served in numerous positions of responsibility in his Chapters in both New Jersey and in Florida, in the Department of Florida, and the Southeast Region before joining the national leadership in 2014.

In 2008, Patriot Everett was singled out for special recognition as the MOPH “Patriot of the Year,” and in 2013 he received the prestigious MOPH “National Commanders Award” in recognition of his extraordinary service to the Military Order of the Purple Heart, first as Chief of Staff and then as Commander of MOPH Region IV, encompassing some of the most active Departments of the Order.

Throughout his tenure in the Order, Patriot Everett demonstrated the “hands-on” leadership that become the hallmark of his Command. Whether personally traveling to and assisting a Department whose Chapters were ravaged by a hurricane or tornado, to helping form new Chapters in Departments whose numbers were diminishing, or assisting all Departments in developing new Purple Heart Cities, Counties and States, examples of Commander Everett’s personal touch, leadership, and dedicated involvement could be found throughout the Southeast Region of the United States. 

Truly concerned about the welfare and wellbeing of all his “troops,” Patriot Everett reached out, not just to provide guidance, but also to volunteer a helping hand regardless of the time, distance, effort or difficulty of the endeavor. Patriot Everett’s organizational abilities are legend, including the organization of the 2010 MOPH National Convention, annual events at Eglin AFB to honor POW/MIA’s, and Florida’s Fallen Heroes, and First Responder events throughout Region IV. His efforts were also recognized in the extended leadership and region meetings being held each year after the National Convention in order to save money and to provide guidance to newly elected department and chapter leaders. Throughout his life of service to others, Patriot Everett's passion for his mission was second to none.

8 Departments,1 Region,Leading the Nation




The Military Order of the Purple Heart Region IV welcomes you to our website. We hope that you find this website helpful, and informative. If you are a Purple Heart recipient who lives within the region, we hope you will join your fellow patriots by becoming a member of a local chapter or a member at large. If there is not a chapter in your area and you would like to form a chapter near you please contact the commander of your department.

Region IV Public Relations

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Region IV Chief of Staff

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